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"Ingleside's most trusted & affordable computer repair service"

Computer Service

Before beginning any software or hard drive related repair we advise you to back up your important data. You can use an external hard drive, a cloud service, or a USB drive to create a backup of your files. If you prefer, we can provide this additional backup service for you. 

Get to Know Us

Digibac is committed to delivering exceptional quality, affordability, and the most trusted computer repair service available anywhere in Southwest Texas.

Trusted & Affordable

Digibac offers individuals and businesses outstanding value and affordability when it comes to desktop and laptop repair, and all our repairs are backed by our standard 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Backup & Recovery

Have you ever wondered why computers don't have spare tires. Well, we did too, and after over 30 years of replacing hundreds of failed hard drives, we developed a completely universal disaster recovery plan that operates totally independent of the operating system and is guaranteed to fully restore your desktop or laptop computer within minutes not days.


Digibac's disaster recovery plan is also totally secure, incapable of being compromised, and immune from all online threats. Unlike other backup plans, our disaster recovery plan has zero startup costs, no monthly fees, and provides the ability to quickly recover from ransomware attacks, software corruption, and even hard drive failure! 

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