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PC & Laptop Repair

Technology services and disaster
recovery solutions for mission
critical digital equipment

computer repair service
computer repair

Computer software in many ways is very comparable to the oil in your car's engine and should be changed periodically to remain healthy. Reinstalling your Windows or IOS software is by far the most cost-effective way to improve performance and increase the lifespan of your computer's hard drive. 

Eventually all hard drives will fail, the question is not if, it's when? While it is difficult to accurately predict when a hard drive will fail, we believe being prepared before a disaster occurs is the best approach to this long-standing problem. Our disaster recovery plan provides you with complete protection from extended downtime, workflow interruptions, and costly repairs.

Today's businesses are becoming increasingly challenged by ransomware attacks, software file corruption, and physical hard drive failure, so it's no secret having a disaster recovery plan is more essential than ever.


Ransomware and other online security threats are at historical levels and have become so widespread that any computer that is either directly or indirectly connected to the internet is at serious risk for data loss.


Installing system software, hardware drivers, software updates, and business applications can be a very tedious, and time-consuming process. Our recovery plan completely ends hours re-installing software.


Eighty percent of all magnetic hard drives and sixty percent of solid-state drives will fail before the 4th year of operation. The good news is, Digibac has a simple and affordable solution to this longstanding problem.

disaster recovery

Have you ever wondered why computers don't have spare tires. Well, we did too, and after 30 years of replacing hundreds of failed hard drives, we engineered a completely universal disaster recovery plan that operates totally independent of the installed software and restores boot failure in minutes not days.

disaster recovery plan

Can your company's current backup plan restore your mission-critical computers when they fail to start. Our recovery plan provides your business the capability to fully recover from ransomware attacks, application errors, and even physical hard drive failure.

Digibac's disaster recovery plan provides your business complete recovery from malicious online intrusions, database corruption, and computer startup failure, eliminating extended equipment downtime situations and costly workflow interruptions.

Digibac's disaster recovery plan is also totally secure, incapable of being compromised, and immune from all online threats. Unlike other backup plans, our disaster recovery plan has zero startup costs, no monthly fees, and no software or hardware is needed.

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