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medical computer repair service

Medical Computers

  • Onsite Computer Repair

  • Digital Storage Duplication

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Medical Computer Service

Our Medical Computer Recovery Plan is designed to eliminate extended downtime situations, unscheduled workflow interruptions, and costly repairs. Our Medical Recovery Plan provides complete protection and full recovery from database errors, file corruption, and physical hard drive failure. Our Disaster Recovery Plan provides a vital last layer of protection for all your mission-critical medical equipment.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner
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Medical Imaging Computers

Many businesses utilizing computer-based digital x-ray systems can also benefit from our medical disaster recovery plan. Our medical computer recovery plan is also fully compatible with all digital x-ray manufacturers and will restore all your medial diagnostic computers within minutes not days.

x-ray system
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Dental Diagnostic Computers

Digibac understands the importance of maintaining patient workflow and has engineered our medical disaster recovery plan to completely restore dental digitizers, panoramic x-ray systems, and clinical desktop workstations within minutes of a software or hard drive failure event.

dental x-ray system
HIPAA Compliant
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