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About Us

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Digibac LLC is a five-star rated computer company with over 34 years of hardware, software, and digital storage experience. We provide in-house and onsite computer repair, and service both residential and commercial computers.

Digibac was founded in 2018 by Robert Carter who also manages the company's daily business operations and finances. Robert's career began in the spring of 1989 servicing MRI and CT Imaging Systems for The Mayo Clinic Foundation, Siemens Medical Systems, and Christus Spohn Healthcare. 
Robert's history as a Medical Imaging Service Engineer and former Business Owner also provided the skillset into the development of Digibac's disaster recovery solutions for sensitive digital equipment.

Digibac offers exceptional value for individuals and businesses seeking trusted and reliable computer repair service, and industry professionals seeking disaster recovery solutions for mission-critical computers.


Robert Carter

President, Founder

Digibac LLC

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